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Jonathan Joy is the owner/operator of Tuckamore Discoveries. He grew up in Scotland and always had a passion for the outdoors. His interest in nature guided him academically leading him to complete an undergraduate degree in Ecological Science and a graduate degree in Marine Biology.

In 1989, Jon moved from Scotland to Bonavista, Newfoundland and soon after, began a 22-year career teaching a two-year diploma program in Natural Resources. His interests in biology persisted outside of regular work and he completed several bird studies for proposed wind farms in Newfoundland. He has also spent seven years working seasonally as a Marine Mammal/Seabird Observer in the offshore oil industry.

Jon is a volunteer member of the Discovery Trails Ground Search and Rescue team. He is proficient in field navigation and certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid.

Jon's goal is to make your visit to Newfoundland an enjoyable, educational and safe one!

To view Jon's academic and professional experience please visit his Linkedin site

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