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There is only one way to see Newfoundland ... with Jon Joy ... without his eyes and ears ... without his passion for the land, the fauna, the wildlife you will miss all there is of Newfoundland. Thanks Jon ... we'll be back!

Alan and Gila Schnee, Riverdale, NY


When we were on our honeymoon, we were very lucky to have taken the Puffin Island Hike. Jon Joy, who was our guide is a knowledgeable qualified wildlife expert who described the flora and fauna that we saw in an interesting way. We even had a chance to try wild blueberries, wild partridge berries, bake apple and bear berries. We were successful in our Puffin Quest and the affable Mr. Joy even provided us with an excellent tea and cake snack! In short, if you really want to experience one of the best tours regarding Newfoundland's wildlife, Jon's Guided Nature Hikes are the only way to go!

Andy and Terry Malette, Ontario



This was my first guided hike and I was apprehensive. However, the hike to Spillar's Cove with Jon and Brenda far exceeded my expectations. The scenery was breathtaking, the information that Jon provided about the plants, the birds and the history made it come alive for me in a new more informed way. The "wee boil-up" and wonderful snack by Puffin Island was magic. It was a fabulous experience. Thank you Jon and Brenda.

Brenda McIntyre, Newfoundland Vacation Homes, Trinity East, NL



Jon and Brenda turned an otherwise regular hike into an educational experience. I found out much about the plant life under my feet. I have never before had such a fun-filled educational experience in such breathtaking natural surroundings. Jon and Brenda had thought of everything including fabulous telescopic equipment and homemade goodies. So much scenery and wildlife does create an appetite. Now I know which local plants are edible and which might poison you. This trip is for anyone interested in conscious raising in the outdoors.

June Hackett, Perth, ON



I cannot think of a better way to appreciate Newfoundland's spectacular coastal scenery than to take part in Jon's coastal hike. The Klondike and Spillar Point hikes provided a wonderful outdoor experience enriched by your expert knowledge of the natural environment. Many thanks.


Tony Mancktelow, Port Hope, ON



In July, my husband and I entered your shop with the intent to sign up for a walking tour. Jon greeted us and was so accomodating. We were the only people at the time so we were able to leave right away and had a most informative and amazing hike. Jon was an enthusiastic tour guide and naturalist with so much to share. We were blown away by the scenery of the walk but also of all the things we would have missed had we done the walk on our own. What a valuable person to have! We learned so much! We came away feeling like it was a major highlight of our 3 weeks spent touring Newfoundland, and still marvel on our experience. Thank you for providing such a great experience!


Carol Aniol, Guelph, ON



My girlfriend and I visited you in early August of 2007 and you took us on a wonderful walk around Puffin Island.  We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your walk and the time we spent with you was the highlight of our trip.  We spent two weeks making our way across your beautiful province and although we have a million great memories the ones from your walk are at the top. Thank you!

Scott Wilson and Jessie How



I finally experienced first hand the beauty and infinite intricacies of the Bonavista flora, your fascinating insights of the whales and ... your love of those amazing puffins amazed us. Jon, Laura and I truly believe that you are doing a wonderful thing for Newfoundland. We can't wait to go back and learn even more.

Eric Harry, Toronto, ON



We just wanted to say what a special pleasure it was to meet you and Brenda in Bonavista a few weeks ago. Sometimes those chance encounters turn ou to be the best and meeting you ranks right up there. We were very touched by your gift of pilot whale teeth - now we are fighting over which of us gets to use it first! We gave one to Chas and Mary, our guests from Rhu and kept one for oursleves. Very thoughful of you and very appropriate given all the whales seen while sailing around Newfoundland's incredible coastine.

Doug and Gale Bruce


I wanted to thank you again for taking us on the hike last week. It really was the highlight of our trip. I think what you guys are doing is so valuable, and really unique.  I miss Newfoundland already and am already thinking about making another trip next year. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again!  Hope your shorebird survey goes well.

Brooks Mathewson



Lori and I talk about the trip to see the puffins as one of the many highlights we took around the province.  I would recommend the tour of the puffins to anyone, it's a place you could spend hours just sitting watching the puffins, whales and crashing of the waves against the cliffs. A spectacular experience. Thanks again Jon.

Eddie and Lori Matthews


What a wonderful adventure! Hiking over the trail and learning about the plants was great. And then the puffins!!! What a spectacular sight!! We were so close, I got some fabulous pictures. Tremendous!

Elaine and Joe Fairchild

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