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We have three hikes available during the season


Puffin Hikes depart daily at 9am, 12pm, 3pm 


Our Klondike Trail Hike and Burnt Ridge Hike are available upon special request


Hikes depart from our business location next to the Harbour Quarters Inn in Bonavista. Guests require their own transportation to follow me to the trail head.

Puffin Island Hike

Hike to the best place in North America to view Atlantic Puffins!

This relatively easy hike is Tuckamore Discoveries' flagship offering.  As a biologist, I really like talking about anything natural - especially seabirds! This is a great hike to view and learn about puffins, razorbill, common murre, black guillemot, kittiwakes and other seabirds.

The hike is about 3 km long and begins at the end of the highway, in a community called Spillars Cove.  From here, we walk to Cable John Cove discussing heathland plant ecology on the way. On reaching the cliffline you will be captivated by the stunning beauty of this rugged place. We stop for a bit and talk about geology and some of the historical facts about the location.  We then head north towards Puffin Island talking about a variety of plant species and in the right season, feasting on a few wild berries.  We soon reach a narrow inlet, where you will observe a raven's nest and the area where the parents break up food for their chicks.

On reaching Puffin Island, you will be greeted by a chorus of seabird sounds mingling with the sound of waves crashing against the cliffs.  Seabirds abound here and we discuss the different bird species and how they interact with each other.  If you are lucky we will get very close to puffins - sometimes just a few feet from them. We stay here a while talking about seabirds, marine ecology and whales (it is quite common to see whales close to the cliffs during the hike).


Total Time: 2.0 Hours

Cost: Adults: $60, Youth (<17): $30, Children (<9): free.


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Klondike Trail Hike

Songbirds Galore!

A great hike for folks interested in songbirds! The return trip on this hike covers about six km of trail. It is an easy walk and offers an ideal location to interpret plant ecology and songbird identification. The Klondike trail was originally a cart trail connecting Elliston to Bonavista. However, there were plans to use it as a railway connection at one point. The hike starts in Spillars Cove and we discuss a variety of plant species as we walk north along the trail. On this hike you will encounter three main types of habitat (heathland, boreal forest and bog), each type having its own compliment of plant and animal species. We will talk about mammals such as moose, but the main focus of this hike during the summer is bird watching! Bring your camera - we will use a little trick to bring songbirds close to you!


Total Time: 2.0 Hours

Cost: Cost: Adults: $60, Youth (<17): $30, Children (<9): free.

Burnt Ridge Hike

Nature and History Combined

This is a moderate hike in terms of difficulty and covers about four km on a return trip. The hike starts from the main highway in Elliston and follows an old military road as it winds up on top of Elliston Ridge. The American military operated a base here during the second world war and also for a short period during the Cold War.  We will look at some of what remains of their presence on the landscape. 

There are also some very interesting natural features on top of Elliston Ridge - you will be shown an area of Felsenmeer (sea of rock), which makes up a large percentage of the ridge top area.  We will talk a bit about the geology and natural history of the area before heading back down the ridge. The hike also offers lots of opportunities to discuss the wide variety of boreal plant and animal species found on the slopes and bottom of the ridge.


Total Time: 2.0 Hours

Cost: Adults: $60, Youth (<17): $30, Children (<9): free.

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